Wasp Killers: Natural and Alternatives

by Beverly on September 29, 2011

In general, wasps play a useful role in the environment, but, there is a need for wasp killersWasps are known to control smaller pests as well as clear away dead insects.  The need for wasp killers is based on the fact that their stings can be extremely painful and not to mention can cause serious health problems for those who have allergies.  Because of this, the wasp is highly regarded as a nuisance and is known to feed on almost anything with fruits and meat as their favorites.

The need for wasp killers helps to control wasps in an effective and safe manner.  The variety of wasp killers in the market which range from powders to sprays can be bought from stores as well as online.  Aside from these, there are also natural methods that can be used with equally effective and safe results as commercially available wasp killers.

Keep in mind that you must be extremely cautious when using chemical wasp killers because of their potential to harm both the environment as well as the person applying it.

Basis for Effectiveness of Wasp Killers

In order for wasp killers to be effective solutions it is important to take into consideration common information about wasps.  This is particularly true when opting for alternatives to commercially available products.  It will help you to adequately determine just how effective the wasp killers can be.  Some information that can be useful includes:

  1. Wasps use colonies to form self-contained communities with queens, males, and workers.
  2. Only young fertilized queens have the ability to survive winterSpring allows them to come out of hibernation to build new nests.  The initial number of eggs that wasp queens can lay is anywhere from 10 to 20 eggs.  This means wasp killers that eliminate the queens are the most effective.
  3. Eggs normally hatch into larvae and are fed until they transform into workers which are responsible for foraging food, defending the nest, and feeding new larvae.
  4. Summer is when colonies produce new queens and males.  After flying away to mate, the queens will look for a place where they can hibernateWorkers, males, and the foundation queen all die during cold weatherWinter is the best time to kill new queens.
  5. Sweet things normally attract wasps and their desire for such things is heightened during summer which is when they become nuisance to people.  Any wasp killers should therefore be used before summer.

The Queen Wasp Trap

Without a doubt, the queen is considered as the most important resident of the nest.  In this context, effective wasp killers are those that concentrate on killing the queen.  One such solution is known as the Queen Trap.  This type of wasp killer is a complicated trap which uses 2-liter bottles that are cut about a third of the way down.  The top should then be flipped over and stapled to the back of the bottle taking the shape of a conical minnow trap.

Fill it a third of the way with sugar water and dish soap solution.  You may also use a piece of raw meat tied by a string about an inch above the waterFishing line with fish hook can be used to attract the wasps.  In terms of wasp killers, this can be used most effectively on the first extremely warm day of the year or when insects begin flying around in the air.  The attraction of wasps to raw meat (not rotting) is what makes the trap effective.

Bucket Trap for Wasps

As its name suggest, this type of wasp killers is a simple bucket that has sugar water, dish soap, and vinegar.  One of the reasons why this bucket trap is effective is that wasps are attracted to acetic acid.  The dish soap is used to remove the water tension of the mixture to attract wasps better.  Once the bucket has been filled with the mixture it will be sitting and waiting for wasps to just fly in.

The most common victims of the bucket trap are thirsty wasps which drown in the mixture when they attempt to drink.  In terms of wasp killers, this solution is not appropriate when dealing with large wasp infestations.  This however is extremely effective when dealing with solitary wasps or wandering workers in your garden or front yard.  One of the advantages of using this type of wasp killer is that it does not pose any potential danger to people.

Wasp Spray Killers

My chemical friendMajority of commercially available wasp killers in the market are in the form of sprays.  The reason behind this is that it can normally be used without getting extremely close to the nest.  In that context, it also provides additional safety to the person using it.  Another benefit of spray type wasp killers is that they are extremely simple to use, just point and spray to the wasp nest and you get rid of the pests.

When using this type of wasp killers usually a second application may be necessary especially those residing in areas where there is wet weather.  This is because there is a possibility that newly hatched wasps may appear after several days of applying the wasp killers.  It is also important that the person move away from the treated area as soon as spraying has been finished.

Some of the advantages that are associated with these types of commercial wasp killers include their ease of use, ability to kill wasps in the nest, and can be used inside and around the home.

With all the available wasp killers in the market there is definitely no shortage on the number of solutions available to you.  Without a doubt allowing wasps to build their nests in or around your property will cause a certain degree of nuisance or probably even danger.  Make sure that you avail of wasp killers which apply to the specific wasp infestation you are experiencing.

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