Wasp Control 101: How to Keep the Little Predators Away

by Beverly on September 29, 2011

Wasps are active little creatures especially in Spring and Summer when they are in full activity after a long hibernation. Consequently, it is also the perfect time for wasp control in the neighbourhood. After all, you’ll be better off getting of rid of them beforehand. Otherwise you might be dealing with larger troops as soon as they have gathered up the colony nearby.

Of course you wouldn’t want to get 911 on the scene when these wasps are already swarming all over the place. There are simple wasp control techniques that you can use at home to avoid these unfriendly neighbours. After all, you wouldn’t want to deal with the same colony the whole year round.

Keep Eyes Wide Open in Summer

Wasps are likely to go around at this time of the year when new colonies begin to emerge. These insects maintain annual colonies that emerge in Spring or Summer and dies in Fall or Winter. In turn, you can expect a new breed of wasps around this time looking for green pastures. Unfortunately, the colony might find their newfound home somewhere in your house or in your yard. That is why you have to stay on guard looking for possible migrants in your territory.

See Some Hot Spots in The Vicinity

Perhaps you are familiar of some areas in the house where wasps can build their common paper wasp nest. There might be some prospect hubs out of some roof spaces in your house and even on your walls.  In particular, the queen is the one who finds the colony’s shelter thereby building the nest from scratch just like the queen European wasp. The rest of the sterile females in the colony are supposed to take charge of the nest building activity, thereafter. That is why you’re better off sneaking on the queen out of all the characters in the colony.

Take Away Possible Food Sources

For sure you are familiar about the concept of survival inspiring the acts of fauna life. Survival simply tells you that wasps shall dwell close to their food sources. Most, if not all insects of this species feed on leftover proteins such as those found in your biodegradable trash although they may shift to carbohydrates later in Summer. Nonetheless, you have to manage your decaying garbage properly so that you can avoid inviting these insects for a feast. That can also keep your home away from flies, cockroaches, and many other pests around.

Make Some DIY Wasp Traps

Take your resourcefulness to the next level by putting together some DIY wasp traps to prevent wasp infestation. For instance, you can use old plastic bottles to make a simple yet effective water trap.  Simply cut out the top portion of the bottle so that you can use the cut out, in an inverted form, atop the remaining portion. That shall serve as the funnel-like top where you can wipe some proteins or carbohydrates bait. To provide for the wasp-killing solution, you can make a mixture of dish soap and water that you’ll have to pour on the bottle. Sure, you can make some more innovative traps such as personalized waspinator and faux nest hung somewhere in the house.

Shop for Anti-Wasp Pesticides

Aside from wasp traps, you might also want to get some anti-wasp pesticides. There many varieties of wasp removal solutions such as projectile aerosols that you can simply spray up in the air or down under the ground. An insecticide dust shall do better especially on wall and underground nests. In the case of wall infested wasps, you can use an air duster with some Sevin powder. Given the right wasp control agent, you can instantly get rid of these insects.

Seal the House To Get Rid Of Wasps

In Summer, you might want to seal your house to keep your family home wasp-free. Windows can be covered with screens as well as some other possible entry points. There are pieces of wide screen mesh that you can easily place everywhere using some nails or screw. To further discourage insects from exploring the interior of your home though, you might want to store sugary provisions properly. These are better off being stored in the fridge when not in use.

Set Up Wasp Traps at Entry Points

No more worries in case you left some entry points behind. Those wasp control traps shall come handy by placing them on these free spots. Feel free to hang some faux nests filled with water to drown these little predators. To allure them into the trap, you can also make use of bright colours other than the smell of the sweet bait. Yes, these creatures are primarily attracted with floral patterns.

Bye Bye Fly Guys!

Call for Professional Help Just In Case

If ever your wasp nest removal pursuit gets tougher, you can always seek for professional help. Wasp extermination services are active in Spring and Summer, too. Pest exterminators make use of micro-encapsulated baits to capture and eliminate these insects. More often than not, pest control services also include professional maintenance techniques to drive away those insects for good. This way, you wouldn’t need to deal with them from time to time.

There are many different ways to facilitate wasp control at home. All it takes is your time and effort to drive these little pests away, although you might have to spend some extra dollars for pesticides and pest control assistance. Moreover, you can drive these insects away by keeping your household clean and orderly.

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