Paper Wasp Nest: A Natural Masterpiece

by Beverly on September 29, 2011

If men need knowledge and experience in order to learn the art of building construction, common paper wasps are born with these skills. Paper wasps, in particular, can build the paper wasp nest less the meticulous sketching of trained architects. They are even resourceful enough to gather building materials around. All it takes is hard work to put up the queen’s castle altogether.

Engineered By Paper Wasps

Also known as umbrella wasps, paper wasps are popular builders of beautiful nests differentiated among others. In fact, they have the reputation of putting together great aesthetics on their craft. Most likely, nest building is pioneered by the queen wasp early in Spring when it is supposed to lay some eggs, make some cells, and build the wasp empire. As soon as new wasps become fit for work, they soon take charge of the nest building task.

Made Up Of Fibres and Saliva

Paper wasps nest is made up of wood and stem from decaying plants. The little workers gather fibres out of little debris collected everywhere. These materials are mixed with their saliva to in order to put these resources altogether. Sure, it looks like their saliva contains special adhesive properties. The saliva works wonders just like the gummy one secreted by some birds to build their nesting place, too. Most likely, it is made possible by special enzymes contained on the fluid.

Sealed From Water Penetration

Thanks to the special sealing properties of the paper wasp nest, the colony is well secured rain or shine. In particular, the saliva is the water-proofing agent responsible for keeping the nest free from penetrating water during wet season. The saliva manifests hydrophobic properties that can do away with moisture. Basically, it is brought about by the saliva’s mucoprotein content. Yes, the little castle can defy the raging rain.

Inspired By Grey Paper House

Paper wasp nest appears as if it is another origami craft. That is not surprising though, the nest is made up of natural paper being inspired by wood and stem fibres. Consequently, the natural structure of the paper nest inspired the first commercial paper ever invented. The Chinese inventor of commercial paper was inspired by the way wasps turn the bark of wood into fibres for natural paper-making activity. And, the rest is history!

Built To Repel Ant Attacks

Obviously, not all insects are friendly to their arthropod fellows. That explains why adult wasps are called to protect the young ones from ants that might be hunting for preys. Young wasps shall be protected at all costs while cradled by the paper nest, In case you haven’t heard yet, the nest is well protected from ants given the ant-repelling chemical secreted by these wasps. Working wasps fill up the base of the nest with this sort of chemical to prevent uninvited ants from going into the nest.

Adorned With Open Combs

Paper wasps nest is made to lodge the entire colony, especially, the new breed of wasps. That is why the nest is characterized by cells where eggs are contained until these are deemed ready for hatching. The young ones are nurtured while they are on the little larval nesting chambers of the nest. Sterile wasps are also on the guard to keep these eggs away from any possible harm.

Constructed Without Outer Covering

Not like European wasps, the paper wasp builds nest without any outer covering. Instead of making sealed football-like hub, it either makes a nest as small as a golf ball or as large as a dinner plate. Either case, it leaves the outer covering open. That means you can easily exterminate them using anti-wasp projectile aerosol. Killer fumes can simply penetrate the cells for wasp nest removal pursuit, no sweat.

Found In Household Attics Indoors

More often than not, paper wasp nests are found in attics that merit wasp control household efforts. Basically, it must have been ascribed to the fact that the paper nest lacks outer covering. That explains why the nest is commonly suspended in the air to avoid entry of unwanted predators. Nonetheless, nesting places may be found outdoors such as on the fence or on bushy surroundings.

Guarded by Sterile Females For Defense

In general, the paper wasp is not as aggressive as the European wasp which can easily wage wasp infestation alert when members of the colony are in the house. The species is only likely to attack when the peaceful paper wasp nest has been threatened. Sterile guards, demanded by their calling, are determined to protect the nest especially the broods reared in the open cells, not to mention the queen. Upon any threat, they can unleash their rage through the venomous stinger that can bring fatal sting. Although the venom and the sting are not the direct culprit, these elements do trigger intense allergic reactions that can lead to critical health condition.

Paper wasp nest

Ruled By the Queen Wasp No Less

Since the queen was the one who initially built the nest, it is the rightful ruler of the hub. The strong association between the queen and the nest, along with the colony, is critical to the survival of the species. As a matter of fact, if the queen is killed in fall, there is no nest or colony to talk about in Summer. After all, the queen is expected to have mothered all the members of the colony.

There is no doubt that the paper wasp nest is a fascinating masterpiece engineered by nature and its little artists. The nest is perfect on its own right just like great buildings ever constructed. No wonder, it is groomed with special papery materials, waterproofed by hydrophobic chemicals, put together by adhesive chemicals, sealed by ant-repelling chemicals, ventilated by outer openings, secured by wasps on guard, administered by the queen wasp, and stuffed by colony members.

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