How to Get Rid Of Wasps Efficiently

by Beverly on September 28, 2011

If you or a member of your family has ever been stung by a wasp, then the concern of how to get rid of wasps becomes of vital importance to you.  Because wasps are aggressive, sting painfully, and can sting repeatedly unlike bees, they are considered extremely dangerous.

Finding wasps in your garden or yard may mean that a wasp’s nest may already exist on or near your property.  This is one of the reasons why you need to know how to get rid of wasps quickly.  You have to realize that the most efficient way to get rid of wasps is to destroy its nest.

It is equally important in the context of how to get rid of wasps that you know how to prevent them from populating in your property.  Common things that you can do to avoid wasp infestation can include:

  1. Ensuring that recycle bins and garbage cans are always covered.
  2. Food and beverage should never be left out in the open.  In the same manner that any spills should be cleaned up immediately.
  3. Regularly check water sources like ponds, pool, and bird baths among others.
  4. Any fruit trees should be picked regularly with any fallen fruits removed immediately.

Common Types of Wasps

There are a number of wasps that can be found but in the context of how to get rid of wasps it is important to know the most common that you may encounter are the hornets, yellow jackets, and paper wasps.

These types of wasps normally build their nests in areas where you really don’t want them to be such as in your garden or lawn.  These insects although viewed as pests are actually predators which can help keep your garden free of pests aside from being excellent pollinators.

Despite of this, hornets, yellow jackets, and paper wasps still pose a potential danger because of their nasty stings.   The importance of how to get rid of wasps becomes more evident when their nests are already in close proximity to your home which can allow them to wander in.  Learning how to get rid of wasps can eliminate potential future problems to your home and your health.

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Getting Rid of Common Types of Wasps

How to get rid of wasps means you have to be familiar with what type of wasps you are dealing with.  This is essentially important because you need to have an idea of where to look for their nest and destroy it.  In this context, how to get rid of wasps means knowing where to kill them.  Familiarizing yourself with the nesting habits of the common types of wasps makes it easier to deal with how to get rid of wasps.

  • Yellow jackets – usually this type of wasps build their nest in the ground.  Because of this it may be too late before you become aware of their presence.  This information helps you to deal with how to get rid of wasps by checking your surroundings constantly.  Aside from the ground, shrubs, trees, eaves, and wall voids are other places where this common type of wasp can build its nest.
  • Hornets – consistent with other types of wasps, this variant also normally resides in trees as well as under building eaves.  Make sure to inspect these areas regularly to prevent them from forming their nests.  This is one of the most efficient ways to deal with wasp infestation.
  • Paper wasps – although these are considered the least aggressive they still constitute potential danger to humans.  This type of wasp can be found virtually anywhere and build their nests on any type of horizontal surface like overhangs, eaves, tree limbs, and abandoned structures among others.  If any of these are on or near your property, make sure they are checked regularly.

Keep in mind that wasps, most of the time prefer out-of-the-way and quiet places when building their nests.  This will help your quest on how to get rid of wasps better because you now know where to start.

When is The Ideal Time to Get Rid of Wasps?

Solving the problem of how to get rid of wasps also needs to take into consideration the best time to start getting rid of them.  In general, when it comes to killing wasps, spring would be the most ideal time to do so.

The reason behind this is that the queen has not yet completely established her colony making it relatively easy to address the how to get rid of wasps problem.  The period of late summer and fall results in a decline of the nest because the focus turns to the collection of pollen as well as foraging of sugary sweets.

Larger nests or aggressive types of wasps can be difficult to deal with by yourself and may need the assistance of a professional to adequately handle the task on how to get rid of wasps.  For smaller and lesser aggressive colonies, a can of wasp and hornet spray can sometimes be more than adequate to deal with the infestation.

Just remember to read and follow the instructions to ensure maximum killing potential and resolve your problem on how to get rid of wasps.  Sometimes the best time to do this would be in the evening when the wasps are less active.

Resolving the concern of how to get rid of wasps need not be expensive.  Some people have successfully removed wasps by using WD-40 that they have lying around in their garage.  However, keep in mind that dealing with wasps will not always be this easy and practical.  This is why you need to exercise not only a degree of caution but also high level of common sense.  How to get rid of wasps can now be a bit easier with this information in hand.

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