Wasp Nest Removal Techniques: Ten Quick and Easy Ways To Eliminate Wasps

They are neither flies nor bees but they can terribly sting! These are little predators that can threaten the public with their dangerous attacks particularly on people allergic to stings. Some people, also known as spheksophobiacs, may even be terrified by mere sight of these black and yellow striped arthropods. That explains why wasp nest removal techniques are critical!

Summer is but the perfect time of the year for wasps to find their nesting hub. Just in time after hibernation, they go out and explore the wild. Unfortunately, the season of wasp activity lasts until the onset of fall so you can expect more of them lingering around. That explains why the buzz about wasp attacks won’t cease here and there.

Although wasps find cradle in nature such as the European wasp, they might also find home right in your household. In particular, social wasps are commonly found in houses nesting somewhere hardly noticed by dwellers. These insects commonly dwell on extreme places, you may see them nesting up on roof spaces and down under the ground. Wherever they may be, you must be ready to send them away for good. Otherwise, you are likely to share your household space with them like in the case of paper wasp nest in the attic.

Track Prospect Nesting Places

Whether you have seen single or multiple wasps around, take it as a wasp infestation alert! Of course you wouldn’t want to further groom its colony found somewhere in the yard. Just like ants, these insects observe a single file when bound to go back in their colony. That means you can readily track their nest by simply following their trail up in the air. However, they can easily go swarming all over you so better be careful.

Wasp Nest Removal

Find Easy Way In and Way Out

As soon as you have identified their nesting place, you should thoroughly check out the nest. More often than not, wasps build their nest in enclosed areas so you have to establish entry and exit points. Spying on their hub can be risky so you have to be very careful not to disturb the colony along the process, unless you would like to be the bait.

Stack Handy Pesticides Around

Never go empty handed in a battle, not unless you would like to concede. To better prepare for your wasp control pursuit, you might want to visit the nearby store for handy pesticides. There are many different wasp killer solutions available over the counter. For instance, you may opt for the projectile type in case of wasps nesting up on the roof. In contrast, underground wasp nest would merit non-projectile type to penetrate deep into the colony.

Never Go Alone As Much As Possible

Remember that you are dealing with an insect colony if you are up for wasp extermination. Technically, you are outnumbered by these little beasts that can easily turn you into a prey. That is why you would be better off to call for back up. Feel free to ask some help from your teenage son all throughout the wasp nest removal process. Before going in there, make sure to discuss your plan with your buddy. After all, two heads are better than one.

Gear Up For Wasp Nest Removal

Naturally armed with stinger and venom, you might want to step up in full gear. The turtle neck top coupled by thick jeans and gloves shall be enough to protect yourself from harmful sting. To keep your face away from possible sting, not to mention inhaling unwanted fumes, you shall be better off wearing a facial mask. Most importantly, you need to sweat it all out since wasps won’t be able to give a sting on sweaty skin.

Pursue Nest Hunting At Night

Go for the hunt at night when wasps are not in active mode. That would be the best time for you to attack their nesting place. Wasps are morning creatures so you can expect them to be asleep around night time. Nonetheless, you still have to be careful not to disturb these little insects in slumber for a successful hunt.

Spray Some Protective Pesticide

Before stepping into the enemy’s territory, you might want to give it a blast. Spread the wasp killer fume into the air to exterminate them before you go closer into the nest. That shall do the tricks to kill them slowly and silently. When the fume has already sunken into the nest, you can go closer into their hub.

Take Away Wasp Nest Slowly

Trust me blocking the entrance and exit zones of the nest shall do no good. That gesture can only excite them to rush out of the hub as soon as they become active. Instead, you might want to grab a box where you can seal the wasp nest for a while. To exterminate the entire colony, you can place the box in the freezer. These insects won’t be able to tolerate extremely low temperature.

What She Had Under the HoodCheck Breeding Area Consistently

Sure, you might have removed the wasp nest but your wasp nest removal effort isn’t over yet. Feel free to go back into their previous breeding area from time to time to check into the place and spray some wasp killer fumes. Some wasps from the colony might have survived the extermination so you have to stay on guard. They might have built another empire somewhere in your house, too.

Stay Wasp-Free Less the Queen Wasp

Just like in the game of chess, you have to call for a checkmate. Instead of pursuing the king though, you’ll have to look for the queen as the head of the colony. Killing the queen would mean killing the colony since the queen wasp is responsible for making new generations of the species.

Given these handy wasp nest removal tips, you can keep your home and your surroundings wasp-free as soon as they wage for an attack. Nevertheless, you shall be better off preventing these insects from settling in your territory. You might have to set some wasp traps around especially in Spring and Summer time when they become active.